earrings according to your face

How to choose earrings according to your face?  


You are looking for some ideas to know how to choose original designer , original or fancy costume earrings , this is how to choose silver earrings .

Face shape earrings

The main criterion will be the choice of size in relation to the shape of your face. It’s all about volume and we teach you how to make the right choice and learn how to wear face shape earrings .

how to choose earrings

For a round face, bring length with very fine and especially round earrings that will widen the face, always elongated earrings with why not a pendant at the end. Earrings should not be longer than the chin . But what round face earrings .

Which earrings for a square face?

For a square face , it is important to add length and round the corners. For example with cascading hanging beads. earrings in round balls on a metal rod. Learn more about square face earrings .

Which earrings for a triangular face?

For an octagonal or triangular face , avoid earrings that are too small, hoops are the best big earrings for these types of face or even rings. It is absolutely necessary to enlarge the face by a choice of large ear balls . ideally round. For heart-shaped faces, shape the bottom of the face below the cheekbones. The earrings will be round or oval, not necessarily as much as the creoles. Learn more about matching earrings .

What earrings for an elongated face?

For a long face , it will be necessary to choose small and short earrings finally to play on the forms and the proportions, not too big big earrings  which will lengthen too much. Give volume by the width of the loop rather than by its length. The long elongated face earrings .

Which earrings for a rectangle face?

For a rectangular face with fairly wide jaws, give roundness and avoid angles. Creoles, for example, are a very good choice. As for long faces, not too many long earrings, choose a fairly short model. Learn more about rectangular face earrings .

Which earrings for an oval face?

For an oval face , it is the face that can wear all the earrings, all the lengths and all the widths are possible. Everything is possible with this type of face, treat yourself. Find out more about oval face earrings .

What color earrings?

The ideal size for the choice of earrings is about a quarter of the face, it’s up to you to adapt this rule according to your desires. The choice of jewelry is important so treat yourself with various models by composing your ideal wardrobe, both chic and fashionable.

What face for creoles?

Find all our articles on fancy wooden jewelry . To find out more about which bohemian earrings to choose. If you like to be dressed up when you go out, you have probably already asked yourself this question: Which tassel earrings for women to wear for this occasion? This is a good question but the answer depends on a lot of criteria. Learn more about which earrings for a wedding .

Choose pearl earrings

You will not wear the same outfits if you go to dinner with friends or if you go to a vernissage or a business dinner. The same goes for earrings. In addition, you must also take into account your hairstyle. Learn more about which short hair earrings . If you have short or long hair, if you plan to wear it loose or tied there too you should take these details into account. Learn more about choosing your pearls .

Choose wedding earrings

Dangling earrings have the advantage of highlighting your sophisticated hairstyle whether you have tied up hair or short hair. They also emphasize your head posture and always give a very elegant haughty air. There are different models of dangling earrings . You can find them simply in precious metals or set with stones. Do not hesitate to match the stones of your curls with the color of your outfit or your eyes, the effect is guaranteed! More info on mismatched earrings .

Choose women’s earrings

Ethnic earrings can also be without pendants. You will find models with pearls, simple stones or even more elaborate versions with original designs. These jewels have the advantage of being very sober, so they go wonderfully with all outfits. Beauty in all its simplicity is also ravishing. So go ahead and match your outfit to the color of your curls and vice versa. Highlight your gorgeous look or splendid hairstyle with shiny curls, the advantage of gemstones is that they never go out of style. More info on jewelry fast delivery .

Choose men’s earrings

What is certain is that if you want to highlight your beauty and shine during an evening, trendy earrings will be an essential and very trendy item of seduction. Earrings are also worn by men, often in mono earrings and stud earrings, but men can afford everything, from stud or ring earrings to maxi earrings.

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