Being happy and enjoying life

Being happy and enjoying life: 10 actions to banish 


Enjoying life is one of the most asked philosophical questions. Many studies have shown that material possessions are not the main factors that allow you to be happy and enjoy life . In this article, we are not going to seek to acquire or strive for happiness. We will reason the other way around and ask ourselves: what are the actions or thoughts that prevent you from enjoying life?

You know, all those toxic situations that break your spirits. The objective is to break the vicious circle pushing you towards a frantic quest for happiness, while this race ends up making you sad. Let’s start without further ado by sweeping in front of our door and clarifying our current situation.

See the glass half empty

You probably know this expression which means, “ to see the bad side of things ”. In fact, when looking at a situation, an event, or a problem, there are always several ways to approach it. When a negative event falls on us, we tend to have an observant approach of ease. What do I mean by that? It’s simple, your car is damaged by a violent storm, accompanied by hail, you have two ways of seeing the situation. Either it’s a problem and you cry about your fate. Either you take advantage of this situation to make your insurance work and buy a new car. Here, we will put positive thoughts into practice , which we will not fail to abuse!

Do nothing to never be wrong

This principle is explained by the words of Nelson Mandela: “ I never lose, either I win or I learn ”. The goal is to really understand that error is a positive thing that falls on you when you start something new. The principle of success is not to “start working hard to succeed”, but rather, ” start working hard to fail, and understand how to work even better by overcoming failure “. So, don’t be afraid to tell yourself that your dreams are possible and to start your projects right from the end of this article.

Afraid to say no

You may think that always being positive by saying “yes” will allow you to be happy and enjoy life. In reality, it can sometimes just complicate things around you.

This error is frequently found in companies. When a colleague nicely comes to ask you for help, and that, out of sympathy, you can’t answer him anything other than: “yes, I’ll take care of it”. Without answering a violent “no”, learn to dialogue in order to explain that you have other more urgent priorities to meet. Non -violent communication is essential!

Enjoy life and live it to the fullest, we all want it!  In this article, we are going to see which are the 10 actions or thoughts to remove to finally fully enjoy your life.

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Always play the same scenario

When we face our problems, most of us tend to play the same scenario over and over again . Which ends up leading us to obsession. The problem is actually simple: we mistakenly think that dwelling on the situation will allow us to overcome it. But it is not, because it is actually a habit that prevents you from enjoying life.

I advise you instead to focus on your projects, your passions and your hobbits, so that you can always bounce back . Take the opportunity to do your Ikigai and really get to know yourself!

Turn a blind eye to the lessons to be learned from difficult times

Rather than replaying the situation from all angles, try to find out what you have grown from this event . You have just been left, your partner with whom you shared everything has decided to end your relationship?

Now, it is time to learn from it, by asking the right questions. Am I invested enough in the relationship? How to stop this from happening? Here, the idea is to try not to put all the blame on the other person, but to understand each other’s mistakes, in order to grow .

Demand perfection

Demanding perfection for oneself and for others can be harmful. This need forces you to dwell on details , wasting your time and energy. To enjoy life, the simple and effective advice I can offer you is to always think “profitability” when you perform an action.

Let’s imagine that you want to pick up the dead leaves that are in your garden. You pass for the first time, and thus collect 90% of the dead leaves in 1 hour. But there are still a few left, scattered in your garden. You will have to pick them up one after the other, and it may take you an extra hour. Do you really find it profitable?

By striving for perfection, you put up barriers that often prevent you from enjoying life . So go quickly enjoy the beauty of your exterior. Admire, for example, the colors of the few leaves that decorate your floor.

Letting yourself be destabilized by others

When you make choices in your life, it can lead to negative reactions within those around you. People who do not have your vision of life, your ambition or your courage will try, without necessarily realizing it, to pull you down, by imposing their ideas, their way of seeing things on you. First, you need to understand that their behavior is, for the most part, not voluntary. They simply have a different way of life and beliefs from yours.

This is why, in a second step, you will have to accept their remarks and their comments. Without necessarily sharing their ideas or adopting them .

Stay in your comfort zone

In your comfort zone, you produce nothing new. It ‘s kind of a vicious cycle you find yourself in that doesn’t move you forward in your life. When you only perform the same actions and the same thoughts cross your mind every day, finding happiness can be trickier.

It’s a situation that ends up being boring and where you don’t grow. Getting out of your comfort zone is sure to stimulate you !

Give in to fear

When you burn yourself, do you know that the reaction you have to removing your hand from the hot area is involuntary and immediate? Before you even feel the pain, the sensors in your skin have already sent a nerve message to your spinal cord, to make you remove your hand. This allows you to limit the damage.

For fear, do you know the 5 second rule? In fact, you start to be afraid to jump off a cliff, to approach someone or to perform an action because you wait more than 5 seconds. Before this time, your brain will not have time to ask itself the tons of questions that will make you give in to fear. Personally, I would even say that I adopted the 3-second rule: “1,2,3 I go for it!”

Have bad relationships

You are the average of the 5 people with whom you have the most contact . So, to enjoy life and start your path to personal fulfillment , learn to sort out your social relationships. I also advise you to start by learning the workings of verbal and non-verbal communication. This will allow you to keep only people around you who want to see you evolve.

How to learn to enjoy life?

Enjoying life depends on its definition: as far as I’m concerned, enjoying life means waking up to myself, being as present as possible to what is.

How to live a problem-free life?

Living a problem-free life is possible: you just have to see your problems as opportunities to awaken to yourself, to learn, to create who you want to be at all times.

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